Sleep easier

Counting Sheep app could help you get to sleep quicker. Simply watch Shag count and before you know it you may fall asleep. Available on iOS and android devices.

"I love blinking"

Shag loves to blink. Watch his eyes blink to send you to sleep.

Cross platform

Counting Sheep app is available on both iOS and android platforms.

Space time

Watch the stars shine with light. Which star will shine next?

Coming soon

Choice of background colours and Shag expressions!

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Sheep in New Zealand
Sheep in the UK
Sheep in China

Frequently Ask Questions

Have a question about Counting Sheep? Here are the most common recent questions and answers.

What is Counting Sheep?

Counting Sheep is an app for iOS and android devices that could help you get to sleep quicker. Simply observe Shag counting, blinking and watch the stars in the background shine.

Is Counting Sheep free?

Yes, Counting Sheep is free to download from the App store or Google Play.

What languages are available?

Currently English is the only lanuguage supported.

I have technical problem, who do I email?

We're sorry to hear you have a techinical problem. Please email